About the NBFTF 2018

NBFTF’s call- ideas, creativity and inspiration. Visit and watch for yourself- a new change!

Events At A Glance

Events Highlights
Book Fair • More than 200 new publications to be released formally
• Old Book Donation: Donate your old books and collect other’s books for free.
Exhibition • Knowledge Heritage of India
• A bird’s eye view of the status of India’s new technology
• Inspirational Posters
Workshops/Competitions • School competitions
Programs • Poet’s meet
• Authors’ meet-up
• Motivational speech sessions
• Veda chanting sessions


Audience Attractions
For Youth and Children • Competitions amongst schools visiting the Fair
• Inauguration of new story books and multimedia
• Fun- filled game sessions
• Excursions from local schools to the Venue
• Drawing competitions
For General Public • Appreciating the wealth of knowledge lying unexplored in manuscripts
• Learn about the various avenues for serious pursuit of higher studies
• First- hand experience of new books and technologies
For Scholars and Students • Educational Tour Destination
• Excite others about their own research
• Create ways to kindle interest among youngsters
For Institutions • Showcase innovation and improve visibility
• Find publishers for institutional output
• Attract new students and faculty
For Publishers / Vendors Unique Sales Opportunity
• Single largest congregation of scholars, students and connoisseurs
• A massive line-up of events under way to promote learning and to generate public enthusiasm for the event

New partnerships
• Interact with larger, smaller and individual publishers
• Influence book prescriptions in the educational curriculum.

Promotional Campaigns
• Sponsorship of events at the book fair: exhibitions, demos, cultural programs, workshops
• Author and book promotion events
• General Visibility in the event (posters, advertisements…
• Media coverage